Bowling Green Warren County Kentucky Drug Task Force


The Official Position of the Kentucky Narcotic Officers' Association, November 2012

(Voted Unanimously to Oppose Hemp Legalization during General Membership Meeting, November 5, 2012 in Louisville)

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Mission Statement

The Bowling Green - Warren County Drug Task Force is committed to the suppression of illegal drugs and narcotics. The Drug Task Force, through the combined efforts of local, state and federal agencies, will actively pursue those groups or individuals who manufacture, distribute or sell illegal drugs within the jurisdictional boundaries of Warren County. The Drug Task Force will function as an extension of all law enforcement agencies within Warren County.

Although we recognize that total elimination of drug law violations and their satellite crimes of violence, theft, robbery and fraud are unlikely; it must remain our number one goal. Drug crimes are both a cause and an effect, which make them difficult to combat. While we ask our communities to be patient, persistent and dedicated to our goal, we must act swiftly and prudently in the public interest.

Our job is to protect the safety, dignity and property of our citizens. We must gain and maintain public trust. We must act when called upon. We must put personal interests aside for the betterment of the community as a whole. Above all else, we must wisely use the tools that our community has provided.

Executive Board of Directors

BGWC Drug Task Force Executive Board of Directors

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Michael O. Buchanon
Warren County Judge Executive
Bill Waltrip
Commissioner, City of Bowling Green
Mark Teufert
Resident Agent in Charge, ATF
Joe Swiatek
Resident Agent in Charge, FBI
Chris Cohron
Warren County Commonwealth Attorney
H. Eugene Harmon
Attorney, City of Bowling Green
Doug Hawkins
Chief of Police, Bowling Green Police Department
John Clark
Commander, Post 3, Kentucky State Police
Sean McKinney
Commander, Kentucky State Police West Drug Enforcement Branch
Robert L. Deane
Chief of Police, Western Kentucky University
Jerry "Peanuts" Gaines
Warren County Sheriff
Amy Hale Milliken
Warren County Attorney


Thomas M. Loving, Director Drug Tip Line: 270.781.DRUG (270.781.3784) 429 1/2 East 10th Avenue, Bowling Green, KY 42101-2211
Phone: 270.843.5343 | Fax: 270.843.5347 | Email